Fire extinguisher and fire shutter door.

What Is A Fire Shutter?

A fire shutter is a roller type of shutter or fire safety mechanism which blocks off a part of the building if there’s a fire outbreak allowing occupants to flee to safety.

Fire shutters help minimise damages to your property and ensure the fire doesn’t reach the other parts of the building. With fire shutters in place, even though the fire still spreads, occupants have some time to evacuate the premises before they are hurt. Fire doors and roller shutter doors are some of the best types of fire shutters.

A lot of businesses tend to overlook the need for installing fire shutters on their business premises and only focus on protection from intruders. Fire shutters are essential as they can help protect from more than just intruders. Here’s how:


fire door sign


Reasons Why Your Business Premises Need Fire Shutters

·       Secures The Building

Roller shutter doors are fire shutters that ensure optimum protection from security and theft, vandalism, and most importantly fire protection. They also strengthen the privacy of business premises by shutting out the interior of your commercial space to anyone outside.

·       Lowers Heat Loss

Fire shutters/fire doors are also designed to reduce heat loss from buildings. They achieve this by restricting the supply of oxygen, preventing the spread of smoke and fire into other parts of the building. Relatedly, fire shutters can help reduce your energy bills while adding an extra layer of insulation. For people living in the UK, weather conditions tend to be on the colder side. So, having measures such as these in place will help protect your property from low temperatures, high winds, and storms.

·       Door Protection

Roller shutter doors protect the front part of your business by saving it from possible mechanical defects. If thieves try to break it, they will struggle to do so.

·       Higher Level Of Professionalism

Having fire doors and roller shutter doors improves the efficiency in which work can be done. Roller shutter doors for instance work great in garages allowing you to move cars in and out of the building more easily. This is the same with fire doors. They give a professional appeal which makes potential customers trust you even more.

·       Improved Professional Appeal

Most fire doors and roller shutter doors are made using aluminium which not only makes them extra strong but adds a more professional appeal to your property. If you plan on selling off the premises in the future it won’t be difficult.

·       Peace Of Mind

Conduct your everyday business without worrying that a fire could gut your business. Fire shutters and fire doors work towards making sure this doesn’t happen. Roller shutter doors will in turn keep the premises secure, not only from burglars but from fire too, that way you can have peace of mind.


Bottom Line

You can never know when thieves will attack or when a fire may break out. It could happen now, tomorrow, or never. However, when running a business it wouldn’t be wise to sit around until something bad happens.

Install fire shutters and have your business premises protected. If you would like to find out more about how we at Access Services can help you and your business stay safe get in touch on 01933 275091 or head over to our contact page for more details.