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Access Services is a premier destination for top-quality industrial and commercial doors tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses, workplaces, and warehouses. With a comprehensive range of industrial doors designed for rapid access, environmental control, fire protection, and heavy-duty security, Access services ensure that the premises are safeguarded while allowing convenient entry. The selection includes industrial sectional doors, industrial garage doors, commercial doors, and sectional overhead doors, each crafted with precision and durability to withstand the rigours of industrial and commercial environments.

Industrial Doors

Roller shutter installed for garage

Industrial doors are specialised doors designed for use in industrial settings such as factories, warehouses, boarding docks, and other commercial or industrial buildings. These doors are engineered to meet the unique demands of industrial environments, offering features such as durability, security, ease of access. Access Solutions offers a range of premium industrial doors to its customers depending on their needs: 

  • Industrial Sectional Doors: These doors operate by opening vertically, allowing for efficient use of space both in front of and behind the door. They are often used for insulation to maintain stable temperature and environmental conditions within a building.
  • Industrial Garage Doors: Specifically designed to withstand the harsh conditions of industrial settings, these doors provide security and protection for entrances to factories, warehouses, and other industrial facilities. Some are equipped with automation systems for added convenience.

Commercial Doors

New Fire Shutter Installation

Commercial doors are doors specifically designed for use in commercial settings such as office complexes, retail outlets, schools, hospitals, and manufacturing plants. These doors are crafted to meet the unique requirements of commercial environments, offering features such as durability, security, accessibility, and aesthetic appeal. Access Services let’s its customers select  from a range of the same: 

  • Commercial garage doors: These doors are designed to prevent unauthorised entry, minimise the risk of theft and vandalism, and prioritise safety in case of a security breach. 
  • Warehouse doors: These doors are a specialised type of commercial door tailored to meet the unique demands of warehouse operations. While they share similarities with other commercial doors, their distinct qualities, including their size, robustness, and practical features, make them ideal for use in warehouse environments.
security door

Steel foam-filled panels for insulation

Steel foam-filled panels are composite panels consisting of two steel skins bonded to a core of rigid foam insulation material, such as polyurethane or polystyrene. These panels are commonly used in construction for various applications due to their excellent thermal insulation properties and structural integrity. These doors are tailored to match the specific requirements of a site, with the flexibility to customise dimensions up to a maximum width of 8000 mm and height of 6000mm, ensuring a perfect fit for different facilities.

In case of accidental damage, repairs are straightforward using replacement materials and components. Access prioritises swift restoration, ensuring the doors are operational again in minimal time. Additionally, standard features such as spring break devices and cable breaks are installed to prevent sectional overhead doors from dropping uncontrollably.

Steel foam-filled panels are typically used in buildings where insulation is crucial, such as:

  • Cold Storage Facilities
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Agricultural Buildings
  • Residential Construction

Sectional Overhead Doors

A sectional overhead door is a type of large exit system commonly used in various settings, including residential, commercial, and industrial applications. These doors consist of multiple horizontal panels or sections hinged together, allowing them to open vertically and then move horizontally along tracks parallel to the ceiling when opened. sectional overhead door are immensely useful in the following cases:

  •       In case there is limited headroom
  •       In case the place of installation is unknown (these doors are adjustable)
  •       In cases where light and vision access is required.
  •       In case there is a requirement for thermal protection.

Access Services adds a range of other benefits to their sectional overhead doors:

  • Auto return
  • Optical safety edge
  • Vision panels
  • Power operation or manual
  • Remote control operation
  • Traffic detection induction loop
  • Wicket door – for pedestrian access
  • Powder coating – Standard RAL & BS
domestic roller door
industrial security door

Industrial door safety 

Industrial door safety is critical to prevent accidents, protect personnel, and comply with regulations. Automated features like auto return technology and optical safety edges minimise risks of entrapment, while options like powder coating enhance durability and aesthetics. Prioritising safety ensures a secure work environment and avoids legal liabilities. Safety regulations also help in: 

  • Protection of Personnel and Property
  • Compliance with Regulations
  • Prevention of Accidents
  • Enhanced Visibility and Awareness

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