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How to Know When Your Industrial Door Needs Repair and Maintenance

Industrial doors are an important part of all industrial processes. They keep the equipment safe while enhancing the industrial appeal. Industrial doors are used each day, but operators rarely have time to inspect and examine their performance and condition. Most users only examine industrial door’s if something is wrong. It is very important that plant operators understand the fact that industrial doors also need regular repair and maintenance. Below are the most common signs that an industrial door needs repair and maintenance. 

Slow Response Time

It is important for an industrial operator to observe the time it takes for the industrial door to respond to set commands. Essentially, it should close or open within seconds after pressing the opener and do this smoothly without any delay or hitching. If the operator observes any delays in operations, it could indicate that the industrial door requires repair and maintenance, or even replacement. 

Sagging Industrial Door Sections

It is highly recommended for you to test the balance of the industrial door at least twice a year. This involves the disconnection of the door and manual operation. When the door has been brought midway and left there, it should not continue falling or rising. If it does, there is something wrong with the tension spring or other components of the industrial door, a clear indication that repair and maintenance are needed.


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Door Noise

Many old industrial doors make a lot of noise when being operated. Nonetheless, if there is excess straining or creaking, there could be issues with the opener, spring or opener backer. If this is the case, then it is an undisputed fact that you should consider repair and maintenance of the industrial door, if not a complete replacement.

Door Which is Not on the Tracks

An industrial door must always be operated in the tracks which are placed on the door sides. However, there are periods when the industrial door could come off these tracks. In many cases, this happens if the door is in bad condition or completely damaged. When this happens, a professional should inspect the industrial door and consider replacing all key parts to make sure it operates perfectly. 

Increased Energy Bill

For plant operators who want to enhance the energy efficiency of their factories, they should consider replacing the old industrial doors for newer ones. New industrial door models are designed in such a way that makes them highly energy-efficient. By replacing the industrial door, the company would be able to save money on their energy bills. 


An industrial door is a huge investment, and it is only beneficial if it operates efficiently and lasts for an extended period of time. One sure way of guaranteeing this is by making sure that repair and maintenance of the industrial door are carried out according to the manufacturer’s set commands. To avoid problems, we strongly recommend repair and maintenance twice a year, prior to the start of the cold weather.


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