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The Importance of Testing Fire Doors

Some parts of building maintenance are crucial and should not be ignored. The testing of fire doors is a crucial routine and could save lives. Fire safety checks need to be completed at least every 6 months. This testing, servicing and repairs should be done by professionals. They have the skills, knowledge and experience to ensure your fire doors are working as they should. But, here are some things you can check every couple of months to ensure your fire doors are working well. 

Fire Door Testing


Check it Closes Fully

Remember a fire door should be able to close automatically. To test this, open the door halfway, let it go and allow it to close. Check to see if it can close firmly without sticking on the floor or the frame. Also, make sure that the door leaf sits against the door stop and look to see if it is free from distortion. Note that if you have double doors, both doors should close in line when opened and be released together.


Fire Door Testing Certification

Any door that is acting in a fire safety capacity must be certified. This means that there should be a label or plug usually on the top, but possibly on the side of the door, and it should be CE-marked.


Check the Latch

A latch should be holding a door in place without any rattling.


Check for Gaps

Gaps should not be overlooked. What this means is the top and side of each door should have a gap that is less than 4mm from the frame. Then, from door to floor the gap should be under 10mm when the door is closed. A hint is that if light can be seen under the door, the gap is likely too large.


Door Frame

The door frame that is used for fire safety doors must be purchased from a fire door manufacturer. Make sure that you purchase from a company that is licensed to manufacture these required door frames, and also make sure they are firmly attached to the wall and not damaged in any way.


Seals & Hinges

A fire door has to be fitted with intumescent seals that are well attached inside the groove of the frame or door leaf, going around the frame area. There also must be at least 3 hinges that are firmly fixed in place.


Door Closer

For a door to shut automatically there must be a door closer in place that is correctly attached and free from damage.


The Door Itself

Make sure all parts of the door are undamaged, for example, that the glass is not cracked. Make sure that no wedges are keeping the door open, either.


What to do if You Spot an Issue with a Fire Door?  

If you are completing some safety checks yourself and happen to spot an issue, you should contact fire door specialists as soon as possible. They will be able to help you and ensure that the issue is fixed promptly. This will ensure the fire door is working as it should in the case of a fire. 


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Fire door maintenance checks must be completed at least every 6 months. By ensuring you have a safe fire exit door in every area, in the event of a fire, people have a much better chance of getting out of the building safely. By taking time to carefully check all elements of a fire door that are present and correct you give the building, the objects contained within and of course all visitors the best chances of leaving the premises without any harm coming to them.


To ensure your fire doors meet all requirements, you should consider hiring professionals to do the servicing and repairs for you, after all, they are professionals for a reason! We here at Access Services, have been looking after Fire Doors across the UK for over 30 years. 

When it comes to doors you can rest assured we can help you. To find out more about how we can help you with the servicing and repairs of fire doors, get in touch with our friendly team today on 01933 275091 or head over to our contact page for more details.