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Signs A Fire Door Needs Servicing or Repair

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Buildings in industries with a high fire risk are usually compartmentalised to slow the spread of fire from one area to the next. Such compartments have to be linked by fire doors to enhance the safe movement of traffic through the various compartments. 

What Are Fire Doors

It’s quite obvious that a normal door fixed to a fire-resistant wall would easily allow the spread of fire from the burning room to other areas. Fire doors were introduced to solve this issue by stopping or slowing the spread of fire. 


They are made of a material that is tough enough to resist fire for a given amount of time.  This is the main reason as to why normal doors cannot be used as fire doors. Typically, such doors offer either a 30 or 60-minute resistance against fire. Some specialist doors, however, are capable of resisting fire for more than 4 hours.


Fire doors are easy to identify as they have signs which in most cases contain the words “Fire door; keep shut”. These signs must be used on every fire door in the building.  Another major way to identify fire doors is the existence of a fire door closer, which must be installed on fire doors. 

Maintenance Of Fire Doors

Fire doors are vital parts in any building as far as fire safety is concerned, as they offer life and property-saving functions if there ever happens to be a fire. As such, it’s extremely important that they are regularly inspected and serviced when necessary, to help them maintain structural integrity. They should be closed as often as possible to ensure that they are working as expected.


If a door fails to close, it may be because of one or more reasons as outlined below:

  •   If there is a latch, it may be requiring lubrication or has malfunctioned
  •   There may be foreign objects obstructing the door
  •   The smoke seals are damaged or incorrectly fitted
  •   The closing device requires adjustment (this should be done carefully and as a last resort)

Fire Door Signs Of Wear

There are a number of signs to be on the lookout for as they give you a clear indication of a necessary fire door repair. These signs include but are not limited to the following:

  •   A door that does not close at all, or fails to close firmly
  •   Bigger than standard gaps around the perimeter of the door when closed
  •   A door that requires too much effort to open 
  •   Defective, broken, or missing hardware components (cover plates, latch bolt, closer arms, etc.)

How Often Should A Fire Door Be Serviced

Considering that fire safety is one of the most important factors in any building, it’s important to ensure that every fire door is operational. Most of the times, calling professionals so that they can repair your fire doors is the best idea. Professionals will be able to give you confidence that your fire doors are as safe as possible. If you notice any fire door that looks faulty or is damaged in any way, you should consider having it checked. 


A good rule of thumb is to ask a competent service person to check your door, preferably every six months to ensure that they are in good working condition. Regular maintenance is something that every business owner or top management should take seriously to ensure the safety of everyone who is using the building. 


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