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Easy Steps to Repair Your Roller Doors

Repairing Your Roller Doors

Roller doors – a great investment for any home. They bring a high-quality and stylish look to your home. Unfortunately, due to their high use and placings, they can become sometimes become worn and can be prone to high amounts of damage. When repairing the roller door, it’s important to know what you are doing and have all the correct tools and fixings. In this blog we will identify all the key aspects of repairing your roller doors, here’s our step-by-step guide to help you.

Step 1.
Begin by checking the metal tracks found on the inside of your roller doors. Make sure you pay attention to the mounting brackets holding the tracks on your wall. If they’re loose, tighten the screws and bolts on the brackets of your door. As you work from the inner side of the door when closed, check for any flat spots, dents or crimps on the tracks. Any spots that are damaged should be pounded out with a block of scrap wood and a hammer or with a rubber mallet. However, in case there’s too much damage to the tracks, you should consider replacing them.

Step 2.
To ensure that the tracks are properly aligned, check them with a level. The horizontal tracks need to be slanting down slightly toward the back. The tracks vertical sections need to be exactly straight. Both the vertical and horizontal tracks of the roller shutters should be positioned at a similar height on the walls of the room. If you notice that these tracks aren’t properly aligned, you should loosen them without removing the screws or bolts which are holding the mounting brackets. Then, carefully tap the tracks into position. To ensure that the tracks are now in the right position, recheck them using the level. Finally, tighten the bolts or screws at the mounting brackets.

Step 3.
Due to constant use of the roller shutter, there’s likely hardened grease and dirt on the shutter tracks and rollers. These inhibit the smooth operation of the roller shutters and need to be removed regularly. You may use a concentrated household cleaner for cleaning the dirt and grease. Once you’ve thoroughly cleaned the rollers and tracks, wipe them both dry.

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Step 4.
Check your roller shutters to ensure that if there’s any loose hardware, it’s tightened. Ensure that you’ve checked the hinges holding the door sections together on the roller shutter. If there are any screws that are loose, tighten them up and if there are any damaged hinges, ensure you’ve replaced them. You can also service the door to help deal with any sagging at one side of the shutter. For any enlarged screw holes, a longer screw of the same diameter can be used alongside a power plug that’s hollow and is dipped in a carpenter’s glue. In case the screw is cracked at any hinge, use a wood filler to fill the screw holes and the cracks. After that, replace the hinge after the filler dries up. You may also move the hinge onto solid wood if possible.

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