Rusty roller shutters

How to Prevent Roller Shutter Rust

Rust on your roller shutters not only looks unsightly, but it can also cause serious, irreversible damage to the shutter. If left to rust, the blinds can be expensive to replace and can also become a dangerous hazard to your employees, clients, and visitors. 

Preventing Roller Shutter Rust 

Roller shutters require regular maintenance to keep them from rusting. Just a quick half an hour glance over every few months can help to keep on top of rust. Potential problems can also be spotted.

Roller shutter doors need little more than soapy water and a sponge to be cleaned. It is imperative that the shutter mechanisms are dried post-cleaning to prevent the build-up of rust.

Why do Roller Shutters Rust?

Roller shutters are made from metal – usually galvanised steel – and unfortunately steel rusts when exposed to the elements. In the UK, we see all types of weather! This includes everything from freezing winters to glorious hot summers and a lot of rain in between! These ever-changing conditions can wreak havoc on most outdoor materials, no more so than metal.

Aluminum metal is particularly vulnerable to different weather conditions but won’t rust. It will however be corroded over time without proper maintenance.

Roller ShutterHow to Prevent Roller Shutter Rust 

You may wish to add a layer of durable acrylic paint to seal the metal following the installation of your new roller shutters. This will prevent any rusting caused by moisture and oxygen. Painting your shutters is a long-lasting, practical, and effective approach. Investing in stainless steel shutters as opposed to aluminum may also be more cost-effective in the long run. The presence of zinc and iron in stainless steel reduces oxidation, prolonging the life of the shutters and reducing the risk of rust.

Reapply sealant paint every few years to keep your shutters in a good condition. Along with adding sealant to the doors, it is good practice to keep on top of regular shutter checks, sweeping away any dirt or debris from the base and sides of the mechanism and ensuring all elements of the shutter are kept as dry as possible.

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